Pedagogic and administrative structures

The university includes the rectorate , 7 faculties and common services.

The rectorate: contains four (4) vice-rectorates, it is organised as follows:

  • Vice-rectorate of higher training for graduate and postgraduate education,continuing training,Diplomas and Higher graduate training.
  • Vice-rectorate of higher postgraduate training,the university habilitation,scientific research and higher postgraduate training.
  • Vice-rectorate of external relations, cooperation,animation, communication and scientific events.
  • Vice-rectorate of development, forward planning and orientation.
  1. The General Secretariat :the general secretariat to which the office of general order, the office of internal security and common services are affiliated, includes the following sub-directorates:
  • sub-directorate of staff and training.
  • Budget and Accounting Branch.
  • sub-directorate of means and maintenance.
  • sub-directorate of scientific, cultural and sports activities.
  • The Central Library


  1. Faculty of Sciences and Technology
  2. Faculty of Sciences of Nature, Life, Earth and the Universe
  3. Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology
  4. Faculty of Arts and Languages
  5. Faculty of Social and Human Science
  6. Faculty of Law and Politicasl Sciences
  7. Faculty of Economics, Business and Management sciences

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