Rector’s welcome speech


Rector of the university :   Pr. Abdelhak boubetra

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Tél / Fax : 035 86 22 47


       Our university needs the effort of its entire human components in order to have the necessary contribution to keep abreast of the developments in society with a view to acquiring the expected formative and scientific dimension.

     To achieve this objective, we should consider enabling the university’s activities to be adequate with the national and international environment by thinking about the genuine scientific mechanisms to approach the boundaries of this adequacy in order to meet the demands of the future workforce

       This objective makes it incumbent upon all of us to resort wisely to an approach based on sustainable educational systems that respond to appropriate formations leading to building the future efficient individual.

       All this can only be achieved through existing research work that either responds to the concerns of the social and economic environment or draws attention to it by enhancing the national and international links with public and private institutions.

          And through this word I invite all the members of our university community to work towards achieving the goal expected from all of us.


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