The General Secretariat

The Secretary-General

The General Secretariat is in charge of:

  • Ensuring the career management of the university’s staff; while respecting the attributions of the faculty and the institute in this field.
  • Preparing the draft budget of the university and monitoring its execution.
  • Monitoring the financing of laboratory and research units.
  • Ensuring the proper functioning of the university’s common services.
  • Implementing and promoting the cultural and sporting program activities of the university.
  • Monitoring and co-ordinating the university’s internal safety plansrelevant to ministerial department for internal security.
  • Ensuring the management and preservation ofthe archives and rectorate’s documentation.
  • Ensuring the functioning and the management of the university’s order office.

Related structures:

the General Secretariat to which the office of general order, the office of internal security and common services are affiliated, includes the following:

  • Sub- directorate of staff and training.
  • Sub- directorate of budget and accounting
  • Sub- directorate of means and maintenance
  • Sub- directorate of scientific, cultural and sporting activities.
  • Printing and audio-visual centre
  • Centre of networks, information and communication systems, tele-education and distance learning.

1- Sub- directorate of staff and training is in charge of: 

  • Managing the careers of the staff affiliated to the rectorate and common services and the career of those whose assignment is determined by the university’s rector.
  • Designing and implementing training, retraining and upgrading of administrative and technical staff, and the service staff of the university.
  • Ensuring the management of university staff and their balanced division between different faculties, institutes and appendices.
  • Co-ordinating the development and implementation of the human resources managing plans.

Sub- university’s directorate of staff and training, includes the following services:

  • Teaching staff service
  • Administrative and technical staff and service agents
  • Training and upgrading service.

2- Sub- directorate of means and maintenance is charged of:

  • Ensuringthe provisionof means of the functioning structures of the rectorate and the common services.
  • Ensuring the maintenance of moveable and immoveable assets of the rectorate and common services.
  • Keeping the inventory records
  • Ensuring the preservation and the maintenance of the university archives
  • Ensuring the management of the vehicle fleet of the university.

Sub- directorate of means and maintenance: it includes the following services:

  • Means and inventory service
  • Maintenance service
  • Archives service

3- Sub- directorate of budget and accounting:is charged of:

  • Preparing the budget draft of the university, on the basis of the proposals made by the faculties’ deans and the directors of institutes and annexes.
  • Monitoring the execution of the university budget;
  • Preparing the delegations appropriations to faculties’ deans and the directors of institutes and annexes and monitoring their execution.
  • Monitoring the funding of the research activities provided by laboratories and units.
  • Keeping the university’s accounting up to date.

Sub- directorate of budget and accounting: it includes the following services:

  • Budget and accounting service
  • Research activities funding service
  • Management and markets’ monitoring service

4- Scientific, Cultural and Sports Activities Sub-Directorate is responsible for:

  • Promoting and developing scientific and cultural activities within the university for the benefits of the students;
  • Implementing leisure activities;
  • Supporting sports activities within the framework of university sport
  • Conducting social welfare activities for the benefit of university’s staff.

Sub- directorate of scientific, cultural and sporting activities: includes the following services:

  • Scientific and cultural activities service
  • Sporting and leisure activities service

Intensive Language Teaching Center :

5- Printing and audio-visual centre

  • Printing and audio-visual centre is charged of :
  • Printing and audio-visual centre is charged of :
  • Printing all backgrounder documents about university
  • Printing all pedagogic and didactics documents and scientific publications
  • Providing technical support for recording on all audio-visual media of pedagogic and didactics documents.
  • It includes the following sections:
  • Printing section
  • Audio-visual section

6- Centre of Networks, information and communication systems, tele-education and distance learning: is charged of:

  • Operating, administrating and managing the networks infrastructures;
  • Operating and developing computer applications of pedagogical management.
  • Monitoring and the executing of tele-education and distance learning projects;
  • Providing technical support in the designing and the manufacturing of online classes;
  • Training and mentoring the stakeholders in the distance learning.

It includes the following sections:

  • System section
  • Networks section
  • Tele-education and distance learning section

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